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Join Chalmers at RETECH 2010

19 januari 2010

Dear Alumni,

Chalmers is pleased to invite you alumni in the USA to RETECH 2010. In cooperation with Volvo Corporation Chalmers offers five free exhibition passes and your chance to attend one of the most exciting events of 2010. Except a day pass to the exhibition Volvo will arrange a private presentation of Volvo in the USA just for you.

Date:  4 February
Time:  1:00 PM
Place:  Washington Convention Center, Washington DC

The number of passes is limited so please send an email as soon as possible to to claim an exhibition pass.

Over 300 companies and organizations from all renewable energy sectors—wind, solar, hydro, ocean, geothermal, biomass, bio-fuels, and waste-to-energy— will host booths on the Trade Show floor. Exhibitors will include equipment manufacturers and suppliers, systems providers, finance and investment firms, research & development companies, project developers and operators, law firms, green builders, architects, construction and rigging companies, NGOs, trade associations, and government agencies.

So take your chance and claim your exhibition pass and join Chalmers in exploring the RETECH 2010

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